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    I am very pleased with my pups laparoscopic spay surgery. It’s wonderful to have experienced vet’s doing the procedure. Her recovering time was very quick and minimal pain. It is worth the added expense to have a modern approach to surgery. Humans always opt for a scope vs a total hysterectomy, our pet’s should too!

    “Hanna” Kennedy


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    Dr. Mones has been our go-to vet over the years of owning ferrets, and we are so thankful to have him! It is comforting to know that he has the knowledge and expertise to care for exotics, unlike many others in the area. They have complicated systems and he has constantly tried to find new treatments for them all, and even helped us through the difficulties of saying goodbye to 3 of them. Thanks again to everyone at Alpine!

    Sarah and John Jansen


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    Our story has a very sad ending. Our dog Lucca had something stuck in his small intestine. Dan stayed late working on Lucca using his best skills. They kept in touch with us during the surgery and it was clear that Lucca was getting the best possible care. He survived the surgery but was in bad shape. Dan and his staff cared for him, told us our optiosn and helped us say a proper farewell. I miss my dog terribly and know that we could not have had better care for him. Everyone in the office was compassionate and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about this team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    David Spiro


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    I would like to thank the staff at Alpine for the great work they did on our Black Lab Brando. The care he received was fantastic. Dr Mones performed the surgery on Brando’s tail and the technicians were really great with taping and protecting the wound during recovery. Brando is back to his ol self (minus about two inches of tail). Thanks to a great team.


    Charles Wolf


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    Being the parent of an older dog with medical issues (Cushing’s disease), I was a little more than concerned when the ownership changed at the hospital. Things always happen for a reason and this reason is the expertise of Dr. Mones! I have never experienced a vet that is more caring and thorough than Dr. Mones. Over the last few weeks my dog’s health has been very touch and go. Dr. Mones has been there to guide us every step of the way. Never once has he not returned my phone calls in a timely manner and no matter how small or large my concerns are he always is compassionate and understanding. He is the best and Alpine Animal is the best of the best! All of the ladies at the front desk are friendly and very professional but more than anything they are very caring and I appreciate each one of them!

    Leslie Reed