Does your companion have bad breath?

We offer comprehensive dental care that starts with a thorough physical exam. However there can be a significant amount of dental disease present under the gumline invisible to the eye. Under anesthesia the teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic dental scaler just like the ones used for humans. After the cleaning the teeth are polished to smooth out any rough patches left from the tartar and the cleaning instruments. Then a veterinarian can probe each tooth surface to evaluate for cracks, pockets that can hold bacteria, broken teeth and other potential abnormalities that can be addressed so that the teeth and the whole body stay healthy. Digital dental radiographs can be taken to evaluate the health of tooth roots to be sure that we see everything that we need to see to be sure the entire tooth remains healthy.

We can perform extractions of teeth, but we can also perform more advanced procedures including Bonded Dental Sealant therapy that can smooth a rough broken tooth surface and prevent extraction of a tooth that is otherwise healthy.

We evaluate the teeth at every visit, but if you have concerns don’t hesitate to call and have your companion’s teeth evaluated.


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